Why Dental Crowns are Important for Your Oral Health?

Find out how dental crowns can protect your smile from further damage.

While we all try our hardest to keep our smiles healthy, sometimes problems can still arise. Whether you noticed a crunch when biting Dental Crownsinto your delicious lunch or you had an accident out on the athletic field, dental damage can happen to even the most cautious. Find out when your North Charleston, SC dentist may recommend getting a crown and how it can protect your smile.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are cemented over an entire tooth that has been damaged by decay, trauma or a fracture. Besides protecting a damaged tooth from further problems, a dental crown can also be used to improve aesthetics, particularly for a tooth that is severely stained, misshapen or misaligned.

Dental crowns can also be made from a variety of different materials including steel, gold alloy, porcelain, resin or ceramic. Patients often opt for dental crowns made from ceramic or porcelain as they can be matched to the rest of your teeth to give a more natural look.

The Importance of Dental Crowns

If you are suffering from severe decay, a fracture or an infection that has irreparably damaged the integrity of your tooth, a dental crown is used to restore full function and durability back into the tooth. Without a dental crown your tooth may become further damaged, which could later require a tooth extraction. Instead of dealing with serious issues down the road, your North Charleston, SC dentist will recommend having a dental crown put on now.

If decay is the reason for dental damage then we will remove all areas of the tooth that have decay before we place the dental crown. If you are dealing with an infection within the tooth, we will go inside and remove the damaged tissue and clean out the tooth before giving you a crown.

Are you dealing with a cracked or chipped tooth? Then you need to see your North Charleston, SC dentist right away. A damaged tooth can only get worse if left untreated. Let dental crowns protect your smile from serious damage. Call North Rivers Dental Associates today!