There’s No Reason To Fear Dental Fillings

Getting a dental filling is an easy and common dental treatment. There is no reason to worry.

Whenever the words “cavities” or “decay” are mentioned, some people immediately panic. And if you are a careful brusher and flosser, dental fillingsyou may be particularly confused if the dentist mentions these words to you. Before you become anxious over needing to get your tooth filled from one of our Charleston dentists Dr. Riley Cates, Dr. Maurice Weintraub and Dr. Ryan Emerson, it’s time you learned why having a cavity filled is really not a big deal.

Why is a dental filling needed?

Sometimes the acid produced by the bacteria in our mouths can wear away at enamel so much that it can create small holes in our teeth. These holes are known as cavities.

While enamel is extremely strong, cavities have the ability to weaken enamel. This means that when your Charleston dentist detects a cavity, it will need to be treated right away. If the tooth isn’t treated the cavity can get worse, which may require you to need a root canal or tooth extraction in the future.

What should I expect from my procedure?

Most patients become nervous if they don’t have any idea what to expect when it comes to their dental treatment. Our goal is to make you feel at ease and comfortable. That is why we use anesthesia to numb the area prior to treatment. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, you won’t feel a thing. This can often be a major relief for someone who is experiencing any dental pain or discomfort because of their cavity.

We will use a dental drill to remove all decayed enamel. Once the decay has been removed, we will apply moldable tooth-colored filling over the area to rebuild the tooth. Sometimes the filling must be hardened using a laser (but don’t worry, this doesn’t hurt a bit). Once the filling has been applied, we will check your bite to make sure that everything looks great before polishing the tooth so it has a healthy sheen. And that’s all there is to it!

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