The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

Find out why you should be seeing your North Charleston dentist regularly.

How often should I see the dentist?

Children should begin seeing their dentist at around their 1st birthday. After that, it’s advised that all patients, no matter how young or old, comeDental Cleanings in to see their North Charleston dentist every six months for preventive care.

During your visit we will conduct a thorough exam of your mouth to make sure everything is healthy and that you are cavity-free. We will also check the health of your gums and bones to make sure you don’t have any infections or problems. For children and teens, we will also make sure that everything is growing and developing as it should.

Then we will use special instruments to give your smile a deep down clean. If you’ve been to the dentist before for a cleaning then you probably remember how smooth your teeth felt afterwards. This is a clean you just can’t get at home, no matter how well you brush. Plus we can easily get into hard-to-reach places to remove plaque that you may have missed.

Why are routine dental cleanings important?

It can be hard to get into every nook and cranny in your smile, no matter how meticulous a brusher you are. That’s why it’s so important to see your North Charleston dentist every six months. Since untreated plaque can quickly turn to tartar, we can only remove this. You won’t have the proper tools to effectively eliminate tartar. If tartar is left untreated it can turn into the earliest stages of gum disease. That’s why the more often you follow-up with your dentist the better.

Furthermore, not all problems like cavities, infection or gum disease show symptoms. You could have a mouth full of decay and not even know it yet. The only way to tell that this is even a problem is by seeing your North Charleston dentist. Plus, every year we will run a series of X-rays. These images will be able to tell us if there are any underlying problems or decay that may be too small to catch during a visual exam. Of course, the sooner we detect a problem the easier and faster it is to treat.

If you don’t remember the last time you saw your North Charleston dentist for a teeth cleaning, then it’s high time you scheduled a much-needed appointment with Dr. Riley at North Rivers Dental.