Five Root Canal Myths

Of all of the dental procedures performed by North Charleston, SC dentist Dr. Riley Cates, the root canal is the most feared. This is not because it is that much worse than any other procedure, but because of the various root canal myths that many people mistakenly believe. If you are considering seeing Dr. Cates or any other North Charleston, SC dentist for a root canal but the idea scares or worries you, here are five root canal myths you may need to clear up.

1. Root Canals are Painful

With all the modern pain-management options Dr. Cates and other North Charleston, SC dentists offer, root canals really aren't that Root Canalpainful, if you feel them at all. Instead, root canals relieve the dental pain you had previously so you have less pain after the procedure than you did before.

2. Root Canals Take Too Much Time

Many patients are surprised to learn that root canals can usually be completed in as little as one or two dentist's visits. While no one wants to take time off of work to go to the dentist, the benefits that root canals provide are well worth the little amount of time that they require.

3. Root Canals are Too Expensive

While root canals do cost a decent amount of money, North Charleston, SC dentist Dr. Cates does accept dental insurance, which can dramatically reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Plus, the money spent on root canals isn't wasted if it restores your dental health, your smile and your comfort.

4. Root Canals Can Cause Illness or Disease

The myth that root canals cause illness or disease is actually based on 100 year old research which has since been disproven. Root canals do not cause illness or disease. Instead, root canals clear out the harmful bacteria and infection that is already present within the tooth, leaving the good bacteria behind.

5. It's Better to Pull a Tooth Out Completely Than to Have a Root Canal

Pretty much all North Charleston, SC dentists agree--the least invasive procedure is usually going to be the best one. Dentists work hard to preserve your original teeth as much as possible, and only pull, repair or replace parts as needed.

If a fear of root canals has prevented you from setting up an appointment with North Charleston, SC dentist Dr. Cates, you'll be glad to know that your fear is unwarranted. Root canals are safe, effective and relatively pain-free. Don't put off your needed dental work over a root canal myth. Call for an appointment or consultation today!