Fillings restore teeth to their normal function

If you have ever seen a dentist, you have most likely heard of a dental filling. Made from various materials, fillings restore broken, cracked, chipped or decayed teeth. Dental fillings rebuild the tooth, giving it new life and adding stability. North Rivers Dental in North Charleston, SC can help you determine if a filling is right for you.Filling

What is a dental filling? 
Dental fillings restore a tooth damaged by trauma or decay. Special dental tools are used to remove the damaged or decayed part of the tooth. Your dentist will then use a composite resin material to fill the resulting hole. Sealing the tooth prevents bacteria from entering, thus preventing future decay. Though most composite fillings last many years, they may need to be replaced after some time.

Are there different types of dental fillings? 
Your dentist will most likely use a durable composite resin to fill your tooth. This material is tooth-colored, and the most natural looking option. Silver amalgam and gold fillings are a cheaper option but require more drilling. They are also less natural looking, as they have a darker color. Additionally, composite resin is able to bond to the tooth directly using a special bonding light. This option tends to hold up better than silver or gold fillings. It is usually completed in a single visit.

How can a filling restore my tooth to its normal function?
When a tooth is damaged, especially if broken, your bite is usually compromised. This makes chewing less efficient. If the nerve of the tooth is exposed due to trauma or decay, it can be quite painful. This can make eating or speaking more difficult. With the tooth filled, your dentist will shape it into the correct form for your bite. This ensures that your chewing surfaces are effective and comfortable. Larger fillings from procedures like root canals may require a crown.

If you think you could benefit from having a tooth filled, you should consult with your dentist. Please contact North Rivers Dental in North Charleston, SC at (843) 553-7827 for more information.