Crowns Give Your Preserve Your Smile and Protect Your Teeth

Your teeth are very tough, but they aren't invincible. Trauma, dental procedures and other factors can damage teeth and increase the crownsrisk of breakage. Dental crowns strengthen weak or damaged teeth, reducing or eliminating further damage. Dr. Riley Cates, Dr. Maurice Weintraub and Dr. Ryan Emerson offer crowns in North Charleston, SC. They explain how this versatile prosthodontic device can help you preserve your smile.

What are crowns?

A crown completely covers your tooth above the gum line. They're designed to slip over your teeth to provide the support that fragile teeth need. Eating and chewing puts considerable pressure on your teeth. If a fragile or damaged tooth isn't protected, biting into an apple or even a sandwich can eventually cause your tooth to break. Crowns are constructed from a variety of materials that are durable enough to protect your teeth for many years. Depending on your preferences and your dental insurance coverage, your new crown may be made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, ceramic, nickel or gold.

Why did my dentist recommend a crown?

Your North Charleston dentist may suggest a crown if he notices a chip or crack in your tooth. Although these may seem like minor issues, they weaken teeth and can eventually lead to fractures if you don't receive a crown. Crowns are also used to prevent further breakage if you already have a fractured tooth. They're an excellent option if your tooth has been weakened by a large filling or a root canal.

Crowns also offer several cosmetic benefits. They cover discolorations that can be lightened with tooth whitening treatments and are an excellent option if you would like to lengthen a short tooth or want to improve the appearance of a tooth that looks a little different than its neighbors.

Will anyone be able to tell that I have a crown?

With the exception of crowns made of gold or nickel, crowns are made with substances that look very much like your natural tooth enamel. A dental lab creates them using an impression of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. Once your crown is in place, no one will even know that you have crown.

When you're ready to protect or improve your smile with crowns, call North Charleston, SC dentists, Dr. Riley Cates, Dr. Maurice Weintraub and Dr. Ryan Emerson, at (843) 553-7827 and schedule an appointment. Transform your smile with dental crowns!