Could a Root Canal Help Me?

Need a root canal treatment? Root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, is a treatment that is used to fix and save teeth that are badly root canaldecayed or infected. North Rivers Dental Associates in North Charleston, SC, offers root canal therapy with a gentle touch. Read on to find out how a root canal can help you.

#1- Tooth Pain

Are you in pain? You may need a root canal treatment if you have a severe toothache. The intensity of the pain can range from mild to severe. The pain may get worse when you chew and apply pressure to the tooth.

#2- Abscess

Do you have an abscessed tooth? When teeth have become abscessed, they will require endodontic therapy. An abscess is an infection in or around the root of the tooth. The only way to remove the infection completely is by performing endodontic therapy.

#3- Swollen Gums

Are your gums swollen? Swollen gums is a common symptom of needing root canal therapy. Swelling around the adjacent gums or around the tooth is a sign that nerve damage is present. The swelling will not subside until a root canal is performed. 

#4- Sensitive Teeth

Do hot and cold beverages bother you? Many individuals are naturally sensitive to cold and hot beverages. However, prolonged sensitivity to cold and hot beverages is a sign of significant tooth pulp damage.

#5- Deep Cavity 

If decay extends deep into the tooth and reaches the nerve, the nerve will become infected with bacteria. When this occurs, it will die and become decayed tissue or become inflamed and painful. The only way your North Charleston dentist can get all of the decay out of the tooth is by performing a root canal.

Now is the perfect time to make a wise decision. Don't put off root canal therapy if you need it. Call North Rivers Dental Associates in North Charleston, SC, at (843) 553-7827 right now to schedule your dental appointment. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile!